shopping in como; shopincomo; lake of como; como lake; visit como Commerce plays a major role developing the economic system of Lombardy and - of course - of Como.

Trade is also a key factor to support tourism and - in general - to improve life quality where neighborhood shops, enlivening the urban centers, have a leading role organizing urban spaces and rhythms.

The enhancement of urban commerce, however, can not be realized merely through the initiative of the individual trader but requires everybody's adherence to a strategic vision and collective investment policy, as well as the consistent support of the territorial Government.

The Urban District of Commerce (also known as a kind of CITY CENTER MANAGEMENT) is therefore the area where Public Administrations, citizens, businesses and social representatives meet and freely aggregates to promote the competitiveness of the market town and the regeneration of the context in which they are located according to a mode of action as possible integrated, shared and coordinated between the Local Government and the autonomous representatives of economic, political and social players.

From these premises was born October 28, 2009 SHOPINCOMO: the Urban District of Commerce of Como.

SHOPINCOMO sees the public Municipality of Como as leader and includes:
• Chamber of Commerce of Como
• Confcommercio Como (the most important operator association in town)

As weel as these other private Associations:

• Confesercenti Como
• CNA Como
• Confartigianato Companies Como
• Unindustria Como
• CDO Como